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a daydream dark

A ten track cosmic exploration into the dream world. 
Moon Goons' first poke at a full concept record.
Recorded live by all five Goons in September of 2020. 
Released October 15, 2021

All Songs Written by Corey Standifer.
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 Co-written by Brooke Rice
Performances by: 
Corey Standifer - Guitar sand Vocals
Brooke Rice - Keyboards and Vocals 
Jacob Kozlowski - Drums
Owen Welch - Guitars 
Devin Kearns - Bass
Recorded at Moon Studios by Adam Skinner and Corey Standifer. Mixed and Mastered by Corey Standifer. 

Cover Illustration by Alex Borrego / Colored by Charlie Stults


A clump of goofy goodness.
Released September 5, 2019

Tracks 1-4 written by Corey Standifer. Tracks 2 & 4 co-written by Brooke Rice. Mixed & mastered by Corey Standifer.

Artwork by Alex Borrego.


Moon Goons' Debut Album.
Released September 7, 2018

All songs written by Corey Standifer. Tracks 8 & 9 co-written by Brooke Rice. Album mixed & mastered by Colin Lime.

Artwork by Alex Borrego.

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